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recycled sunglasses

recycled ; for real.

we're breaking the cycle and re-writing the rules when it comes to sustainable fashion. many brands attempt a tokenistic gesture at sustainability with a capsule collection or greenwashed product offering that is only a fraction of their entire range...

not szade ; from top to bottom, each and every one of our products is made of recycled plastic sunglasses and the packaging of 100% recycled materials.

our process is simple yet complex ; we identified an issue within a specific industry and decided to make a change. the plastic sunglass industry is the problem, not acetate or metal frame sunglasses. this is why we chose to get to the root of the problem by creating sunglasses, made from recycled sunglasses.

your szades begin their lifecycle as a broken, discarded, over run, faulty or unloved pair of sunglasses destined for landfill. our team sources and collects these frames and saves them from an untimeley end. when plastic goes to waste we're literally throwing away perfectly good materials that could be used to create new things.

we then take these collected frames to our szade rejuventation plant where we break down, grind up, and process these old sunglasses into their raw material. this means that we can use this raw material to begin the cycle all over again ; our recycled sunglasses emerge, ready to be worn, loved, enjoyed and recycled again.

with signature szade must haves like our dollin collard greens and arena collard greens we guarantee our recycled sunglasses will become your new favourites ; no matter your style, no matter the occasion. whether you're hunting for the perfect festival frame or looking for some staple sunnies, we've got you covered and will keep you szaded year round.

the szade research and development team worked super hard to ensure that our szade sunglasses were not only recycled but recyclable ; when you're done, simply pop out your lenses and deposit the frames into any household or commercial recycling bin. with szade it's never been easier to break the cycle.

it won't stop there though, at szade we're always researching, learning, investigating and innovating. we want to keep moving forward with our mission to bring you the most sustainable product in the most efficient and accessible way that we can, and will continue to reflect, re-evaluate, improve and work towards a holistically sustainable future in fashion.