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Our unique recycling process isn’t just a capsule collection or something that comes with a *limited edition* sticker ; it’s in our szade dna. Every sunglass is designed and created with this process at the heart of it as we continue to research and develop better, cleaner, more efficient and sustainable ways of creating as technologies advance.



Discarded, broken, faulty and obsolete sunglasses that were destined for landfill are collected.

Our Szade team then breaks the collected sunnies into thousands of tiny pieces.

These little pieces are then fed into our ‘Szade Rejuvenation Machine’, and are polished and formed into pea-size pellets.

The pellets are coloured and heated inside our Szade moulds and begin to look like a brand new pair of recycled sunnies.

Our Szade team then lovingly hand assemble and polish our sunnies one by one ; no robots here!

Your Szades are then packed into their cases and are ready to wear.

Our frames are 100% recyclable which means that together we can reduce our material waste to almost 0. Simply pop out your lenses and place your szade frame into any household or commercial recycling unit.